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Instant Vacuum System With our PLUS Master Control

Featured Product from Busch Vacuum Solutions

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Instant Vacuum System. With our PLUS Master Control. Connect up to six vacuum pumps to one system. In seconds. Plug & Pump. Promised by many, delivered by few. Our PLUS pumps are ready for it. With our PLUS Master Control.

Simply activate the functionality, connect up to six PLUS pumps with an Ethernet switch and LAN cables and get started right away. You’ll have an instant vacuum system, and you’ll immediately benefit from the many advantages of a system. One PLUS pump takes the lead. All other pumps are controlled via its control panel. The combination of cascading and speed control ensures that vacuum is generated at the exact level required with the fewest number of vacuum pumps, resulting in optimized power consumption and productivity and reduced maintenance costs. Up to six PLUS pumps in a team, maximizes uptime and the reliability of your process.