Low Temperature Viscometer with Brookfield® DV2T

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TESC-5133 Low Temperature Viscometer with Brookfield® DV2T
Upgrade and simplify your laboratory testing with CANNON's new TESC-5133 Low Temperature Viscometer for engine lubricants that conforms, and automates, ASTM D5133 testing.

The compact, economical TESC-5133 integrates and automates the ASTM D5133 process of conditioning and testing low temperature viscosities of engine lubricants. Common applications include:

  • Gear oils
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Torque and tractor fluids
  • Industrial and automotive hydraulic oils
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Other fluids where low-temperature viscosity is critical

Fully integrated and automated thermal conditioning and testing (-42 °C to 90 °C) provides an automated alternative to ASTM D5133 sample conditioning and testing. This instrument provides superior precision, reduces result variability due to temperature fluctuation and allows for unattended operation.

The cost-effective, ultra-compact design allows for installation of multiple (up to four) TESC systems in a relatively small benchtop area for redundancy and greater test versatility. Configured for use with the Brookfield DV2T viscometer, the unique spindle makes D5133 testing simple and precise. The user-friendly TESC-5133 software records sample temperature and viscosity, and computes the temperature at which there is a rapid change in viscosity, thus providing the Gel Index. It then displays the complex results in a simple, graphical format.

The Peltier cooling is environmentally friendly, and does not require the use of hazardous bath fluids. Learn more today!

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