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Brainchild Monitors Storage Unit Temperature and More!

Increasingly the CDC, the Joint Commission, and other healthcare authorities are placing more stringent guidelines on vaccine storage and temperature monitoring. As a result, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are turning to paperless chart recorders as an easy way to manage their product temperature data.  Brainchild Digital Chart Recorders are compact, cost-effective, and feature a wide range of communications features.

Digital Device with Full Functionality
The next-generation Brainchild PR-10 Paperless Chart Recorder consists of a built-in high-resolution 4.3" touchscreen display, 6 channels, plug & play I/O cards, and internal Flash memory storage. It’s equally easy to access onsite temperature data onscreen, from a remote location via RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 serial interfaces, or via Ethernet networking.

Replace your older paper chart recorders with the PR-10’s real-time 4.3" touchscreen display. This integrated display allows hospital and clinic staff to quickly review measured temperature data using the flexible screen configuration and multiple display formats. Meanwhile soft buttons allow operators to scroll back in time and review historical trends.

Easy to Prove Your Best Practices
No one wants to spend time searching for hardcopy files in the middle of a healthcare audit! For a hassle-free inspection, the Brainchild PR-10 uses a removable Flash memory card to store collected temperature data electronically for archiving or transfer to a PC.

The compact PR-10 paperless chart recorder features 6 inputs for measuring temperature from thermocouples or RTD sensors. Users can also log voltage and current data. The PR-10 also has 6 user-configurable plug and play I/O card slots enabling you to customize your monitoring applicaiton. Brainchild PR series recorders support a fast scan rate within 100msec for all analog channels at high accuracy and also boast several mathematical and programmable capabilities including statistics with instant, average, and min/max values.

Remote Data Collection
With Brainchild you can choose to store historical data on a remote host PC for data evaluation and printout, on Flash ROM, or on a Compact Flash Card. The PR-10’s standard Ethernet and optional RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 communication enable users to access onscreen data and setup remote monitoring via the RS serial interface or Ethernet networking. The Brainchild’s data retention is specified at a minimum of 10 years with zero power data retention.

Meanwhile the alarm function ensures that your medical storage units and other equipment are always operating at the correct values.

The PR-10 includes free configuration software featuring a historical viewer. Configuration can be done on a PC and then sent to the paperless chart recorder. Data can be searched by time, time period, tag, alarm, events and remarks.

Need More Channels?
For additional solutions, the Brainchild PR-20 paperless chart recorder has a high-resolution 5.6" touchscreen display and 6 channels. The Brainchild PR-30 is an advanced paperless chart recorder with a built-in high-resolution 12.1" touchscreen display and up to 48 channels.


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