115 mm ID large hole size slip ring

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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CENO ECN series are through-bore slip rings,the center hole can pass through the drive shaft, gas-liquid passage; it can also integrate high frequency, fiber, encoder, wave guide, gas and liquid and other joints. The use of advanced fiber brush ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction. The center hole is available from 0 to 980mm. The current is from mA to 5000 amps. The voltage can be up to 10000 volts, which can fully meet different needs of transmission.communication systems.Please contact with CENO if you have any special requirements about slip ring.ECN115-06P3-19S-01EM with large inner bore 115mm.Integrated 25 rings of current rating and 1 group 100M Ethernet signal .





  • Transmit 100M Ethernet
  • Large inner hole 115mm
  • Long cable length 1500mm
  • Stable transmission
  • Precious metal contacts




  • Process control equipment
  • Motion simulator
  • Wind turbines
  • Medical machine
  • Wrapping machinery




  • Through hole size
  • Current & ring numbers
  • Signal type
  • IP protection grade