5000RPM High Speed slip ring

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

5000RPM high speed slip ring is one specific design for automation machinery and has longlife characteristic up to 1 billion rotations.Reduce the maintenance time for users and optimized the products'cost sharply compared with the regular design.Typical application is automated machinery.


 Parameter of ECN-C-038-07P2

  • Working   Humidity: 60% RH
  • Working   Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
  • Rated Voltage: 415VAC
  • Circuit & Current:7 circuit * 15A
  • Dielectrical  Strength:  Between 2 circuit≥1500VAC @50Hz
  • Insulation   Resistance: 500MΩ@ 500VDC
  • Electrical   Noise: ≤50mΩ
  • Rotating   Speed: 0-5000rpm
  • Contact   Material: Precious metal

 Typical   Application:  Automation machinery