50mm ID Through Hole Slip Ring 300rpm Rotation

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Slip ring is a general name for slip ring assembly which contains some combination of power, electrical signals, data, liquids and gases passed through the same rotating joint.

Through bore slip rings are provided with a center hole to provide clearances for shafts, rotary joints, optics and other axial structures needed for the function of the rotating assembly.The standard hole size has different spec from 12.7mm ~ 100mm.




•Radar antenna ,motion simulator
•Construction engineering
•Robot,package equipment
•Lithium battery equipment

•Through hole size
•Circuit ,current rating
•Installation way
•IP protection grade

•Center hole is easy to install,as well as integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical,RF rotary joint
•Low friction, long life,Low torque, smooth rotation
•Transmit data and analog signal,compatible with data bus protocol

Outline drawing

50mm ID Through Hole Slip Ring  Up to 300rpm Rotation For Motion Simulator