ATEX Slip Ring IP65 low torque smooth rotation

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

CENO designs the explosion-proof slip ring base on different working environment. According to the protection grade,anti-explosion grade,circuit number, electrical properties of customer's requirement,we choose various construction and material . This kind of explosion-proof slip ring always be customized .Below is explosion-proof slip ring for marine engineering equipment, IP protection grade is IP65 for waterproof applicati,rotor side has 2m wire and stator side has plug .anti-explosion grade is Exd II BT4 Gb IP65,housing material is aluminum alloy.


•Suitable working environment in temperature of -40?80?
•Explosion certification is available
•Protection grade can reach to IP68

•Marine engineering equipment
•Package equipment of explosive material
•Oil platform

•Circuit number
•Anti-explosion grade
•Installation way
•IP protection grade

Outline Drawing

Exd II BT4 Gb IP65 Both Explosion-proof And Waterproof Slip Ring