Fiber Brush Slip Rings For 100Amp Transmitting

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Fiber Brush Slip Rings For 100Amp Transmitting With Compact Size

This through hole slip rings has 96mm through hole.The current rating is 100Amp per circuit and CENO adopts fiber brush technology to realize compact size.



Protection(IP Grade):IP54

Working Humidity:60% RH

Working Temperature:-20°C~+60°C

Wire Spec:25mm²

Rated Voltage: 380VAC

Circuit & Current :12 circuit * 100A

Dielectrical Strength: Between 2 circuit≥ 2000V @50Hz

Insulation Resistance:500MΩ @ 500VDC

Electrical Noise:≤30mΩ(50rpm)

Rotating Speed:0-30rpm

Contact Material:Precious metal

Housing Material:Stainless steel

Diameter:Ø 96mm

Typical   Application: Cable reel,crane