ID 10 mm slip ring integrated power signal

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ECN000-16P-26S            Customized slip ring


CENO is a technical manufacturing company. Its has abundant experience in design and assembling for specific industries.Can provide you with customized products according to your demands.ECN000-16P-26S is a customized slip ring with blind inner bore,integrated power & signal lines.Also can integrate Ethernet, USB ,Encoder, BUS serial communication, temperature sensing and control applications. Waterproof grade can reach to IP65,IP67,IP68.CENO ECN series slip ring means with inner bore size from 3mm to 980mm ,CENO can  provide many parameters for customer to choose ,such as  outer diameter, inner diameter ,current,circuit numbers etc.






  • Smooth rotation and stable
  • Low friction, long life
  • Power integrated signal
  • Easy to stall




  • Industrial application
  • Automation equipment
  • Excavator
  • Motion simulator




  • Through hole size
  • Current & ring numbers
  • Signal type
  • IP protection grade