Inner hole 166mm two half style slip ring

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CENO has beeng keeping innovation on slip ring development technologe.Two half style slip ring make your installation much easily if the mounting situation is complex.It is different from traditional design.The two-half slip ring through the hole is also called the split slip ring and can have a diameter of several meters.The slip ring usually consists of two to four parts, which are connected together in the field.Large aperture, mostly used in bulk material handling equipment..Carbon brush technology is applied in this design.Easy maintenance, long lifespan and simple mouting are the advantage of this type slip rings.SCN166-02P1-04S with inner bore size 166mm,transmit 2 rings 5A & 2 rings signal.This kind of two half style slip ring widely used for ferris wheel,construction engineering,torque or moment measuring instrument.





  • Inner bore size 166mm
  • Signal integrate power
  • Two half style
  • Easy to install




  • Ferris wheel
  • Construction engineering
  • Medical equipment
  • Measuring instrument




  • Installation way
  • Current & ring numbers
  • Signal type
  • IP protection grade