Liquid & air Rotary Union

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Gas-liquid-rotary union, also known as Gas-electric integrated slipring. CENO specially design gas-liquid slip-ring for certain industries.Gas-liquid-electric hybrid rotary joint can pass gas, such as vacuum, compressed air and other gases;and it could pass the liquid, such as hydraulic oil, coolant, water and other liquids;It can also cross signal networks such as Ethernet, USB, high-definition video, private service motors and various control signals. CENO developed a series of electrical and hydraulic rotary joint products for any equipment which needs to cross gas,hydraulic,oil,etc, meanwhile, it needs to rotate 360 °. The parameter of Gas-liquid Rotary Joint could be optional according to the demand of special industries.It can be used for all kinds of high-tech automation equipment that need to mix and transmit gas-liquid electricity, especially in some humid, seawater and other harsh environments.


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