Long life time rotary joint with 38.1mm hore size

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Slip rings enable the transfer of electric power or signal across a rotating part, such as those found in radar antennae, gun turrets, periscopes, electro-optic sensor gimbals and space satellites. The sliding contact is established by a brush that presses against a metal ring. The brush looks like a brush made from metal fibers, but more often it looks like a single wire or a spring with a pad of material affixed to the end that contacts the ring. This ECN038 slip ring with through bore size 38.1 mm, it can combine with power. signal.Ethernet,USB,Control Net.CANBUS. PROFIBUS. It could also be mounted by shaft or optional flange mounting.The inner bore size can be choose from 3mm to 980mm ,CENO also can meet different requirements for customer’s demand .





  • Transfer power & TL signal
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • Compact structure
  • Long life time




  • Medical machine
  • Industry equipment
  • Military industry
  • Automation equipment
  • Package equipment
  • Filling equipment
  • Automation equipment




  • Through hole size
  • Current & ring numbers
  • Signal type
  • IP protection grade
  • Contacts material