Rotary Union Slip Ring ID38.1mm 39 Lead Wires

Featured Product from CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Slip rings are used in electromechanical applications for transmitting power, electrical signals and data through a 360°rotating joint from a stationary part to a freely rotating part. Typical use applications are cranes and radars.below through hole slip ring with 38.1 hole size ,rotation speed can reach 500 rpm,fast and smooth rotation.

•Transmit data and signal,compatible with data bus protocol
•Integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical,RF rotary joint
•Low torque, smooth rotation,high speed

•Construction engineering
•Package equipment
•Medical equipment

•Through hole size
•Circuit number
•Current rating
•Installation way
•IP protection grade

Outline Drawing

500RPM High Speed Electrical Slip Ring Collector Ring With Low Cost