Stable transimission high speed slip ring

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As an electrical part of 360 degree rotating transmission, CENO slip ring can transmit current and signals, such as USB, SDI, Ethernet, sensor signal, and optical signal etc.ECN series high speed slip rings are demand very high accurate tolerances of the rotors, bearing space, high request of the concentricity of the rotors with other related parts. Also we have special ring shape and size of the rings to grantee the low rate of the wear out.ECN028-03P3 with high working speed 1420 rpm,inner bore size is 28mm that we designed according to customer requirements.CENO high speed slip ring max rotation speed up to 10000rpm.It’s widely used in high speed train,nondestructive testing equipment,eddy current testing equipment and so on.Any special requirements please contact with us .





  • High speed 1420 rpm
  • Customized ID 28mm
  • Temperature -20 /+80°C
  • Stable transimission




  • High speed train
  • Testing Equipment
  • Automation equipment
  • Rotary tables




  • Circuits number
  • IP protection grade
  • Through bore size
  • Signal type & current rating