Bravo ST

Featured Product from CE+T Power

Bravo ST-Image

Hot plugable Inverter with automatic by-pass

  • ??Hot plugable inverter module requiring only seconds to be replaced
  • ??Automatic by-pass engagement in case of inverter failure
  • ??Switching back to inverter automatically when the system is ready


Ideal Solution to Arcon ST replacement

  • ??2U high : the Bravo ST will use the same space as the Arcon ST
  • ??Connections : all wiring of an existing Arcon ST installation can be re-used for DCin, ACin, ACout and signalling.
  • ??Alarms : being equipped with the T2S monitoring unit, the Bravo ST features the same alarms as the Arcon ST and more!

Improved Concept : Hot Plugable By-Pass Module

  • ??No need for an external by-pass in case of Automatic By-Pass failure
  • ??By-Pass module can be removed and replaced without shuting down the system