CE+T presents an inverter that starts airco units

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CE+T presents an inverter that starts airco units-Image

A load induced inrush current shouldn't be an issue

The TSI Bravo HC inverter system is specially designed to start air conditioning unit, typically in telecom shelters, or motor loads. 
The TSI Bravo HC is a single phase Inverter with two operational modes called Online mode (DC to AC) and EPC mode (AC to AC), providing conditioned power with very high efficiency.

System Description

  • Massive power density providing up to 5KVA ina 2U package, or up to 10 kVA in two racks (4U)
  • The use of the TSI technology allows the systems to operate at up to 96% efficiency, and to have a seamless transfer between the primary and secondary sources
  • The Inverter has dual (AC & DC) inputs, and has a Static Transfer Switch Function built-in
  • The TSI Bravo HC is able to provide 330% overload for a period of 900ms
  • Terminal Blocks for ACin, ACout & DCin located in front
  • Wall or Rack mountable