C-Flex Product Line:

Featured Product from C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.

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C-Flex Product Line:

The Pivot:

Free from backlash, friction and wear, the C-Flex bearing could provide the ultimate in cost effective design, allowing for easy assembly and indefinite life expectancies with undiminished accuracy. Selection of the correct bearing for the application loads expected should result in exceptional long life, even within the most arduous environment.

The Coupling:

C-Flex couplings can accommodate large misalignments while transmitting high torque loads with zero backlash. Their construction provides for a low moment of inertia and minimal impact upon system dynamics.

Progressive Clamp Bushing:

Hardened Stainless Steel, designed for use with standard two set screw collar (90 deg. offset), will not mark shaft, available in Metric or English, 25% greater holding power than std. split collar