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Torsion Damping Couplings

Featured Product from C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.

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SuperPlastic Couplings
Designed to couple two rotating shafts together, C-Flex couplings can accommodate large misalignments while transmitting high torque loads with zero backlash. Their construction provides for a low moment of inertia and minimal impact upon system dynamics

C-FLEX couplings are revolutionary, patented designs which combine the best characteristics of bellows, disc and beam couplings into a single integrated component.

See the animations demonstrating how C-Flex Couplings handle angled, axial and paralell  motion transmitting torque with zero backlash 

And access in depth details about dimensions torsional stiffness and maximum torque HERE 

C-Flex Brochure 

Watch our NEW video! A short intro to our flexible couplings

C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. is a privately owned small business located in upstate New York. We have been incorporated since 1993. Under the current administration, we have been in business since 1988 however under different names. We began manufacturing turbine components for the gas turbine industry. In 1992, we generalized into basic machine shop work. In 1997, the three companies were merged into C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. with the focus on our one product line, the frictionless bearing or pivot.

Information on pivot sizes and performance properties can be found HERE: