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When a standard pivot bearing will not suffice

Featured Product from C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.

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Custom Products from C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc.
C-Flex Bearing Company can provide a vast array of custom alterations to our standard pivot bearings. If you have an application where a standard pivot bearing will not suffice then see if one of the alterations we offer below will suit your needs. If you have a requirement that can't be met with the options listed here feel free to contact us and we can work with you to create a custom product just for your application.

C-Flex Pivot Bearings can be made out of a wide variety of metals to meet your material property requirements. DFARS compliant and made in USA materials are available on request.

All 420 Stainless Steel and other stainless steels including:

  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Beryllium copper
  • Hast X
    And more…


Various material treatments are available as well including:

  • Electropolishing
  • passivating
  • vacuum baking
    And more…


Clamping Options
There are many options available for when clamp screws or set screws alone do not provide enough holding power or positioning accuracy for your application.

Spring Stiffness/Geometry
Spring thickness and geometry can be altered to provide a custom torsional spring rate or increased load capacity.

Sleeve Geometry
The sleeves of C-Flex Pivot Bearings can be altered in an almost unlimited number of ways to provide the proper fit for your application. Adjusting the sleeve lengths and/or outside diameters are common custom alterations.

Using our in-house laser marking capabilities, C-Flex can provide custom labeling of your parts including logos, lot numbers, part names, serial numbering and orienting marks.

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C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. is a privately owned small business located in upstate New York. We have been incorporated since 1993. Under the current administration, we have been in business since 1988 however under different names. We began manufacturing turbine components for the gas turbine industry. In 1992, we generalized into basic machine shop work. In 1997, the three companies were merged into C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. with the focus on our one product line, the frictionless bearing or pivot.

Information on pivot sizes and performance properties can be found HERE: