New Seal For Ano Alum Eliminates Cr(VI) Emissions

Featured Product from CHEMEON Surface Technology, LLC

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CHEMEON's innovative seal for anodized aluminum eliminates hexavalent chrome emissions.

TCP-HF (Hexavalent Free) and TCP-NP (No Prep) provides a safe MIL-SPEC alternative to Carcinogenic materials such has Hexavalent Chromium, Sodium Dichromate, Dilute Chrome (CrVI). Request the full test data from

The Department of Defense and the United States Navy initially developed and tested this product for use in extreme applications.  Surpassing over 15,000 test panels, CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free) outperforms existing trivalent and hexavalent alternatives in wear and corrosion resistance (without requiring additional topcoats), while being more economical in cost per application. TCP-HF can be applied in bulk and barrel applications, without damaging the coating integrity, and is versatile enough to be applied over a wide range of materials, including zinc and alloy plating, raw zinc die cast, and aluminum.

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