AL3000 Series Hybrid Recorders(Dot-printing Type)

Product Announcement from CHINO Works America Inc.

AL3000 Series Hybrid Recorders(Dot-printing Type)-Image

The AL3000 series conforming to CE-marking, UL and CSA is 100mm multi-point type hybrid recorders with a simultaneous display of multi-channel data, alarm display/printings and other unique features. A package software "KIDS" for data processing of measured values is available.

Simultaneous digital display of multi-point data

•Simultaneous digital display of 6 points allows measured data to be viewed at a glance.

Universal Input

•The recorders accept total 54 ranges of 7DC voltage ranges, 36 thermocouple ranges and 11 resistance thermometer ranges, and these ranges can be programmed for each channel.

Package software "KIDS" for data acquisition

•The data acquisition software "KIDS" is available for data acquision with real-time data/trend displays and historical data/trend displays.

Alarm display/printings

•Alarm display (status and channels) and printings (channels, alarm types and alarm numbers) are executed. Up to 4 levels of alarm are programmable for each channel.

•Optional alarm outputs are available.

CE-making, UL and CSA standards

•The recorders manufactured in our ISO9001 certified facilities conform to the rules of safety standards of CE-marking, UL (approval pending) and CSA (approval pending).

Other features

•Universal power supply: 100V to 240VAC, 50/60HZ

•Communications interface: RS-232C, RS-422A or RS-485 (options)

•Clear printing: Cassette type wire-dotting system 6-color ink ribbon