LE5000 Series Intelligent Recorders

Product Announcement from CHINO Works America Inc.

LE5000 Series Intelligent Recorders-Image

LE5000 series are 250mm hybrid recorders with multi-range input. Innovative design high performance recorder provides high accuracy, ±0.05%; high speed scanning, 0.1second for 36 points and high speed recording, 1 line in 3 seconds. Simple operational keys and PC setting functions drastically improved usability of recording system.

  • High speed scanning at 36 points/sec and high-speed recording
    Rapid changes of process data such as lab test results can be scanned simultaneously at 36 points/sec and recorded at about 1 line/ 3 sec. Data for each channel is displayed in 10 different colors which is user selectable.
  • High accuracy of 0.05%
    The accuracy is ±0.05% and the resolution is 1μV or 0.1°C
  • Various industrial values can be measured at the same time with selectable ranges
    With 35 thermocouple ranges and 8 DC voltage ranges, a total of 43 input ranges are provided which enables universal input and optional mixed input: current inputs are also possible.
  • Superior ease of operation
    Operation keys are functionally designed for ease of use.
  • Engineering port is provided (USB)
    A personal computer can be used as an engineering tool and parameter setting and data collecting is available.
  • Anti-noise countermeasures
    High effective anti-noise countermeasures are taken; suppressive induced noise by 130 dB or more in the common mode while 50dB or more is achieved in the series mode. Effective countermeasures are taken against impulse noise.
  • Communication interfaces are available (Option)
    RS-422A, RS-485 and Ethernet can be provided to meet various customers' needs.
  • Recording and calculation of data communication input (Option)
    Data input by communications from a host can be recorded as analog and digital values at the same time with measuring data. Mathematical process of the data communications input from a host can be processed in parallel.