Silicone Foam in EV Batteries Presentation at AABC

Featured Product from CHT USA Inc.

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Join us at the 23rd Annual Advanced Automotive Battery Conference on 11-14th of December in San Diego, CA USA. CHT USA’s R&D Director, Gerry Ellis, will be presenting a poster covering the latest technological developments in silicone foam for lithium-ion battery pack safety.

Mr. Ellis will present how CHT has recently improved formulations to support customer applications in EV batteries. He will also share insight on how these customized specifications can enhance processes and uniquely meet design requirements.

CHT'S silicone foam is designed to reduce weight as well as mitigate thermal runaway and provide protection from moisture, debris, vibration, and shock.

Designing lighter weight components is also a key trend in the transportation sector to reduce energy consumption and increase the range of electric vehicles and silicone foam can help meet this criterion as well.

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