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Tube & Pipe Productivity Increased 20%–Free Trial-Image

CIMMILL™ fluids produced specifically for tube & pipe operations by CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY offer increased production and quality. These fluids for tube & pipe processors are designed with the technical know-how to deliver more productive up time and cleaner operations. Each CIMMILL™ fluid is designed without DCHA and is safe when used as directed. Click here for FREE TRIAL

CIMMILL™ metalworking fluids are extremely low foaming, clear, biostable synthetics and they are clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

Delivers Precision Machining: CIMMILL™ fluids are designed to improve the quality of pipe threads. You will notice the difference CIMMILL™ fluids provide in cutoff and threading, even on hard metals.

Low Foam, Oil Rejection, and Mix Clarity: Synthetic CIMMILL™ fluids have excellent oil rejecting properties. CIMMILL™ fluids were formulated to be low foaming, improving plant cleanliness; no messy spills or overflows. CIMMILL™ clear mixes and low misting operations will permit workers to see their work during critical operations and create a better work environment.

Corrosion Control: CIMMILL™ fluids provide corrosion protection to tube & pipe mills, improving efficiency through reduced scrap. CIMMILL™ fluids protect tube & pipe during processing with corrosion breakpoints up to 4X better than other fluids.

Long Sump Life: When properly monitored and maintained within guidelines, enhanced odor control of high quality CIMMILL™ fluids can contribute directly to longer sump life.

The Leader In Advanced Metalworking Fluid Technology: CIMCOOL® brands have been recognized as the technical leader in metalworking fluids since 1947, when CIMCOOL Pink fluids were first introduced. CIMCOOL fluids provide unparalleled technology and service, no other company offers the performance value.

Superior Laboratory Capabilities: CIMCOOL Laboratories are the most advanced and respected in the industry. Each lab is focused to develop new products that drive continuous improvement. CIMCOOL Scientist are globally located in R&D Centers-of-Excellence to better serve your needs. We also have multiple customer service laboratories regionally available to help our customers.

For more information on CIMMILL™ fluids visit our website at For technical assistance please call your local District Manager or 1-888-246-2665.

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