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CIQTEK X-Band CW-EPR Spectrometer

Featured Product from CIQTEK Co., Ltd

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EPR spectrometer is particularly useful for studying metal complexes or organic radicals so it has important applications in the fields of chemistry, materials, physics, environment, and medicine.

Advanced Analytical Power: Dive deep into the structure, dynamics, and spatial distribution of unpaired electrons with our cutting-edge EPR spectrometer.

Wide Applications: From chemistry to medicine, this spectrometer is your go-to for studying metal complexes, organic radicals, and more. 

Diversified Experiments: Tailor your studies with optional add-ons like in-situ light systems, cryostats, and electrochemical systems. Built-in Calibration: Achieve accuracy with built-in Mn standards for quantitative EPR calculations and g-value corrections.

Absolute Quantitative EPR: Get fast and direct results without the need for reference samples. Simple Software: Easy operation with automated tuning and scanning modes, plus integrated instrument control and data processing software.