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A Facility Manager's Guide to Gas Detection Safety

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This eBook, "The Facility Manager's Guide to Gas Detection Safety in the Workplace", was written to provide key insights about understanding gas hazards in facility management applications. Further, we discuss the importance of gas detection equipment in the industry and the proper steps to prtoect your facility, customers, and employees when working around hazardous gases. 

In this eBook you will learn:
  • The History of Gas Detection in the Industry
  • Understanding Food and Beverage Grade Gases
  • Beverage Grade Quality Guidelines
  • Importance of Gas Detection Safety 101
  • CO2Meter's 5 Step Guide to CO2 Safety
  • Workplace Hazard Points and Locations
  • Industry Codes & Workplace Safety Regulations
  • Fixed vs. Portable Gas Safety Monitoring
  • FREE! Gas Safety Resources & Downloadables
  • and Much More!