Accurate Simulations For Gasifiers

Product Announcement from CPFD Software, LLC

Accurate Simulations For Gasifiers-Image

You CAN Know How Your Gassifier Operates - Stop guessing when you can SEE for yourself!

  • Fluidization Characteristics
  • Flow Patterns of Solids & Gases
  • Thermal Profile (Hot/Cold Spots, Axial/Radial Profiles)
  • Chemistry (Outlet Composition, Local/Global)
  • Particle Size Changes (Growing or Shrinking)

Optimize Gasifier Design & Operation: Reduce the RISK of Problems at Startup/ Scaleup:

  • Scale up to Commercial Units
  • Mixing of Gas and Particles
  • Design of Spargers, Solids Feeds, Heaters, etc.
  • Residence Time Distribution (RTD)
  • Effects on Conversion & Emissions

Model all Styles of Gasifiers: Coal - Biomass - Multi-Fuel

Fluidized-Bed, Transport, Downdraft, Entrainment

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