Laser Optics for 2100nm

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• 2100nm laser medical device?CTH:YAG?
• e.g.: Rear mirrors(0°or 45°), In-put
• Mirrors, Out-put couplers, Beamsplitters, Windows, Lenses, etc.
• High coating specification?improving the conversion efficiency of  the laser  system.
• High damage threshold?up to 20J/cm2  10ns 10Hz at 1064nm.
Size& Tolerance Dia.(+0/-0.1)*L(+0.2/-0.1)mm
Surface quality 20/10 Perpendicularity ≤10′
Parallelism ≤30″ Bevel ≤0.2mmx45°
Flatness λ/8@633nm Chips ≤0.1mm
TWD λ/6@633nm CA ≥90%
Coating Please refer the details as per the standard products.
Damage threshold >700J/cm2 or  2.4MW/cm2   300μs  2Hz  at 2100nm


Material:  Corning 7980   or   JGS3
Size:     Dia.12.7*3mm/Dia.20*5mm/Dia.25.4*6.35mm/Dia.30*5mm, etc.
Coating:     C1--- HR@2100(R>99.8%)           AOI 0°
              C2--- HR@2100(R>99.8%)           AOI 45°
              C3--- PR@1064(R=87%+/-3%)       AOI 0°
              C4--- AR@2100(R<0.2%)            AOI 0°