RTP Q-Switch

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RTP (Rubidium Titanyle Phosphate – RbTiOPO4) is an isomorph of KTP crystal which is used in nonlinear and Electro Optical applications.  Through years of research and development, CRYSTECH has achieved great advances in growing techniques of RTP crystals.  We are able to provide excellent RTP crystals both in matched pairs or single crystals.


Q-switch (Laser Ranging, Laser Radar, medical laser, Industrial Laser)
Laser power/phase modulation
Pulse Picker


An excellent crystal for Electro Optical applications at high repetition rate
Large nonlinear optical and electro-optical coefficients
Low half-wave voltage
No Piezoelectric Ringing
high damage threshold;
High Extinction Ratio
Dimension Tolerance    W(+/-0.1) * H(+/-0.1) * L(+0.5/-0.1) mm
Angle Tolerance    +/-0.15°    Perpendicularity    ≤10′
Scratch / Dig    20/10    Chamfer    ≤0.2mmx45°
Parallelism    ≤5″    Chip    ≤0.1mm
Flatness    λ/10@633nm    CA    ≥90%
TWD    λ/6@633nm    Electrode    Ti  or  Au
Extinction Ratio    >20dB    

Coating    AR@1064nm(R<0.2%),  or customized upon request
Damage Threshold    600MW/cm² 10ns 10Hz at 1064nm
Type    Size of Single Crystal(mm)    Length of Holder(mm)    Half-wave voltage(V)
QR2205A    2X2X5    12    1600V
QR3305A    3X3X5    14    2400V
QR4405A    4X4X5    14    3200V
QR4410A    4X4X10    25    1600V
QR6605A    6X6X5    14    4800V
QR6610A    6X6X10    25    2400V
QR8805A    8X8X5    14    6400V
QR8810A    8X8X10    25    3200V
QR1005A    10X10X5    14    8000V