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In every construction project, codes and standards play a vital role in helping to address important issues including design, fabrication, safety, durability, sustainability, energy efficiency and adapting to changing climate conditions. CSA Group addresses the needs of the residential, commercial, industrial and civil infrastructure sectors.
Almost every type of structure in Canada is guided by CSA Group's standards - from recreational vehicles, houses, high-rises, communication towers and bridges, and to the components that make up these structures including plumbing, elevators, windows and doors.
The majority of our standards are referenced in national, provincial, and municipal building codes. We boast a portfolio of over 160 standards in subject areas such as construction materials and building products, masonry, plumbing, welding & structural metals and sustainable building practices that all help to ensure public safety, effective construction design and the efficient use of materials. Recently, we have developed a series of new standards to facilitate the adaptation of northern built civil infrastructure to a changing climate. We also have extensive experience in developing standards that can be applied to locations across the globe and have participated in the development of harmonized and international construction standards.