B-One Touch Rotational Viscometer

Featured Product from CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

Exceptional Results without Breaking Your Budget

The B-One Touch has a 7" touch screen and comes with a stylus. This easy-to-use screen lets you see all measurement parameters at the same time.

Like the RM 100, RM 200 and the First RM, The Black One uses spring-less technology to convert spindle torque to a viscosity reading. It does not include a temperature probe, but has an unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 250 rpm and aviscosity measurement range of 15 to 180,000,000 mPa┬Ěs (depending on which spindles are used).

Some of the useful features are:

  • Wide speed and torque range - one instrument for most levels of viscosity.
  • Set measuring times for thixotropic products.
  • A set of spindles are included.

A spindle set for L1-L4 or R 2-7 is included with the B-One Touch Viscosity Measurement System.