B-One Touch Rotational Viscometer

Featured Product from CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

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Exceptional Results without Breaking Your Budget

The B-One Touch has a 7" touch screen and comes with a stylus. This easy-to-use screen lets you see all measurement parameters at the same time.

Like the RM 100, RM 200 and the First RM, The Black One uses spring-less technology to convert spindle torque to a viscosity reading. It does not include a temperature probe, but has an unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 250 rpm and aviscosity measurement range of 15 to 180,000,000 mPa·s (depending on which spindles are used).

Some of the useful features are:

  • Wide speed and torque range - one instrument for most levels of viscosity.
  • Set measuring times for thixotropic products.
  • A set of spindles are included.

A spindle set for L1-L4 or R 2-7 is included with the B-One Touch Viscosity Measurement System.