EMS-1000 Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer

Featured Product from CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

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Viscosity Testing with Cutting Edge Technology

A new development in viscosity testing equipment. This electromagnetic viscometer, the EMS-1000, features small sample viscosity determination, contact free tests and temperature controled processing.

Tests are performed on a small sample ( 300µL or 700µL) contained in a disposable tube. These EMS-1000 features are achieved by an electromagnetic spinning method. Magnets are positioned around the sample tube to create a rotating magnetic field. This field moves a small aluminum sphere placed in the sample.

Testing with the EMS-1000 requires no clean-up. Both the sample tube and aluminum sphere are disposable, so once a test is complete, all you have to do is throw away the sample tube. This is ideal for products which require testing in a sterile environment, and for preventing cross-contaminationbetween products or samples.

The EMS-100 provides temperature control between 0 to 200oC. Measurements can also be performed at elevated pressures.

A CMOS camera lets you see what's happening to your product during the test, making it easy to observe coagulation or detect impurities.

The sealed measuring cell equips the EMS-100 to accurately measure volatile, toxic, or air-sensitive samples.