RM 100 Touch Viscometer

Featured Product from CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

Smart QA Testing for Almost Any Product

The RM 100 Touch does not use springs or torsion rods that require frequent recalibration. It incorporates an integrated calculator for processing viscosity test results. Serial and USB ports support computer connections.

You can program your measurement methods directly using the touch screen, and back up your data so you can analyze or export them. It has a viscosity range of 1 - 540,000,000 mPa┬Ěs.

The RM 100 Touch:

  • Works with ASTM/ISO 2555, DIN/ISO 3219 and MS-R with UD display .
  • Able to connect to temperature control systems.
  • Program testing parameters for future use.

The digital display presents temperature, speed (or shear rate), torque, viscosity, spindle, level of sensitivity, and time for the tests. It can be connected to a printer or computer for recording and analysis of test results.