AIRBOR™ AB-4300-2R Pneumatic Magnetic Drill

Product Announcement from CS UNITEC

AIRBOR™ AB-4300-2R Pneumatic Magnetic Drill-Image

The AIRBOR™ AB-4300-2R Magnetic Drill from CS Unitec answers the safety concerns associated with the need for drilling in hazardous environments. The motor and magnet of this portable Magnetic Drill are powered completely by compressed air – no electricity needed – allowing it to be used in EX zones and around water without fear of shock or blown circuitry. The Fail-Safe permanent magnet turns on and off by air pressure. In the event of a loss of air flow, the magnet will not disengage. This model is ATEX approved for use in hazardous environments (EX II 2 GcT6), making it ideal for use in oil and gas refineries, sugar refineries, grain silos, offshore oil, marine, and other process industries.

AIRBOR™ easily drills up to 2-1/16" diameter holes with annular cutters through up to 4" thick steel plate. It has a 10-1/4" stroke, and can also be converted to a standard drill press with a geared chuck adapter (Part No. IBK-18). With solid twist drills, it is capable of drilling holes up to 1/2" diameter in structural steel and other applications. More durable than comparable electric-powered drills, the AIRBOR™ AB-4300-2R is designed and built for heavy industrial use. It is lightweight, yet has a powerful 1.6 HP air motor and its Fail-Safe magnet has a holding strength of 1,600 pounds.