PLANTEX® Flap Discs

Product Announcement from CS UNITEC

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CS Unitec has introduced a new line of abrasive Flap Discs that utilize the PLANTEX® High-Tech Compound, a major advance in grinding performance. These patented discs are the first in the world with a backing plate made of natural hemp with a polypropylene binder. The abrasive flaps are 100% pure zirconium. PLANTEX is available in grits from 40 up to 120 for grinding steel and stainless steel

PLANTEX® Discs provide these advantages to the user:

  • superior grinding performance and service life, due to the heat absorbent, spring-like properties of the hemp fiber substrate.
  • self-trimming hemp backing plate – the disc automatically reduces in size during grinding, allowing 100% utilization of the abrasive fabric. PLANTEX® can be used to the last fraction of an inch.
  • safer working conditions resulting from the elimination of fiberglass, mineral fibers and epoxy resin, as well as the high insulating, damping and noise-reducing properties of the PLANTEX® compound.

Because the PLANTEX® compound is derived from hemp and bound with polypropylene, these Flap Discs are better for the environment in the following ways:

  • the growing of hemp, a sustainable raw material, counteracts the greenhouse effect by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen during photosynthesis
  • the PLANTEX® compound can be easily and safely disposed of as domestic waste
  • when disposed of by thermal methods, even the polypropylene binding produces almost zero residue.
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