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Quarantine life leads to breakfast cereal resurgence

Consumers, stuck at home during the pandemic, traded in their fast food grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches for more elaborate meals sourced from their own kitchen and pantry. This revived the breakfast cereal segment in a big way, with 38% of U.S. adults purchasing more breakfast cereal now than when the pandemic began.?

Breakfast cereal offers variety, convenience, taste, and depending on the brand, a host of vitamins and minerals. Cereal makers rely on a broad portfolio of natural and formed ingredients to meet this demand.

Transport friable breakfast cereal ingredients gently and securely

Breakfast cereal components require gentle transport to avoid breaking or crumbling. Cereals typically consist of nuts, grains, dried fruit, and other ingredients sensitive to heat, humidity, free falls, or vibrations.??

A tubular drag conveying system from Cablevey supplies gentle transport of friable goods like breakfast cereal ingredients such as flakes, dried fruits, extruded puffs, and other shapes and sizes that appear in breakfast cereal blends. Tubular conveying utilizes a coated, flexible stainless steel drag cable pulled on a looped system. Solid circular discs or flights attached to the cable that gently move product through the system help cereal mixes maintain desired ratios of smaller and larger pieces, and prevent the settling out that can occur with other types of conveyors.

These discs also push the product through the tube without air or excessive force to maintain material integrity and protect ingredients. The enclosed tubing drastically cuts back on dust for a more sanitary, safer production facility and prevents product contamination. Avoid waste, prevent breakage, and achieve the desired throughput of breakfast cereals with Cablevey tubular drag conveyors.