Cablevey® Conveyors - 8 inch System

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Cablevey tubular drag conveyor systems are designed to move materials in a safe, clean, and efficient manner. Our cable and tube conveyors are ideal for moving materials and product blends in a dust and contamination-free environment. Our systems are ideal for conveying delicate, fragile, and specialty bulk materials through all phases of production and processes through to packaging.

Recently, in addition to our food-grade stainless steel systems, Cablevey has released a conveyor more suitable for materials that contain natural oils. Certain natural oils like those produced by peanuts and tree nuts might affect stainless steel adversely, and therefore some materials are better conveyed through our exclusive plastic tubing.

Our Clearvey Systems allow materials to move through our tubing with no adverse effects. These systems are designed with the same clean, efficient, and gentle handling as our stainless-steel systems. Cablevey’s Clearvey Systems have proven to accommodate a wide range of materials beyond peanuts and tree nuts, and the clear tubing allows the user to view the material moving through the tube ensuring proper conveying. The Clearvey system offers both wet and dry tube conveyor cleaning options.
Every system is custom-specified through our engineering department. This ensures all systems are optimized to client needs. Design considerations typically include how much material can be moved without breakage...and how far, how high, and how fast you need to move materials. Bottom line: our engineers and library of system components can solve most material movement needs with cable, disc, and tube conveyor systems.