CR3000, Micrologger®

Product Announcement from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

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CR3000 Micrologger®

The CR3000 Micrologger® is a self-contained, rugged datalogger that can measure most sensor types directly, communicate via modems, control external devices, and store both data and programs in either non-volatile Flash memory or battery-backed SRAM.

The CR3000 has an integral, 8-line, alphanumeric display and power supply. A battery-backed, real-time clock and 4M of nonvolatile data storage is included. The CR3000 is available with a sealed rechargeable battery base, an alkaline base, or in a low-profile version without batteries.


  • Compact, self-contained datalogger
  • Built-in alphanumeric keyboard and display
  • 2M Flash for operating system
  • 4M battery-backed SRAM for CPU use, program storage, and data storage
  • Data format: table
  • Available operating systems: PakBus®
  • Software support: Short Cut, PC200W, LoggerNet 3.2 or higher, or PC400 1.3 or higher; software not included


  • Analog inputs: 28 single-ended or 14 differential, individually configured
  • Pulse counters: 4
  • Switched voltage excitations: 4
  • Switched current excitations: 3
  • Control/digital I/O ports: 8
  • Continuous analog outputs: 2
  • Serial I/O port (CS I/O): 1
  • RS-232 Port: 1
  • Scan rate: 100 Hz
  • Analog voltage resolution: to 0.33 uV
  • A/D bits: 16
  • Programming: CRBasic
  • Data Storage: Table
  • Baud Rate Maximum: 115200