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Custom printed carton-sealing tape and matching labels provide the finishing touches and the mark of quality and attention to detail to your product. Along with the many other conversion services we provide, can also print your company logo or design onto carton-sealing tape and labels. Custom printing on tape is one of Can-Do National Tape’s most sought after conversion services.

Can-Do National Tape operates Mark Andy and Siat printing presses. These presses are able to print up to three spot colors – we can match your custom inks including Pantone colors. These versatile machines also allow us to print the adhesive backing on other adhesive products.

Our base stock is a white polypropylene tape printed with the customer’s logo or design. Our high-speed production capacity allows us to print thousands of rolls on short notice. Where smaller budgets or need dictate, Can-Do will print as few as five cases of your custom printed carton sealing tape or carton label.

  • Rewinding/Slitting
  • Routing
  • Flash Cut
  • Private Labeling
  • Perforating
  • Extended Tape Liners
  • One-Inch Cores
  • Short Length Rolls
  • Creasing
  • Prototyping



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