Carbolite's 1200°C & 1300°C Heavy Duty Furnaces

Product Announcement from Carbolite

Carbolite's 1200°C & 1300°C Heavy Duty Furnaces -Image

Carbolite's GPC furnaces offer the large capacity and robust construction required for general workshop use, together with the performance capabilities and case style of our smaller laboratory furnaces.

Free radiating coiled wire elements supported in open grooves, together with low thermal mass insulation allow these furnaces to reach working temperature in approximately 40 minutes and provide efficient and reliable operation. These furnaces are available with chambers sizes of 36, 65, 131 and 200 liters with maximum temperatures of 1200°C and 1300°C.

  • Maximum operating temperatures of 1200°C and 1300°C.
  • Two large volume chamber sizes available.
  • Rugged construction for heavy-duty heat treating requirements.
  • High power free radiating side heating elements provide fast heat-up and enhanced chamber uniformity.
  • Vertical lift door design keeps hot door insulation away from operator.
  • Low thermal mass insulation improves energy efficiency and fast heat-up rates.
  • Hard ceramic hearth provides excellent resistance to wear and spillage.
  • Long-life heavy gauge coil heating elements.
  • Chamber vent provides for process exhaust.
  • Dense refractory around chamber entrance resists abrasion and wear.
  • Positive break door safety switch isolates power to the heating elements when door is opened.
  • Low outer case temperature provided through double shell construction.
  • Small case size conserves bench space.
  • Serviceability is considered throughout furnace mechanical and electrical design.
  • Choice of Model 301 control or programmers.
  • Choice of multiple accessories and options.

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