Carbolite's 1200C Tube Furnaces

Product Announcement from Carbolite

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Carbolite is pleased to announce the introduction of a New Large Bore 1200ºC Solid Tube Furnace Range. Significant electrical, mechanical and aesthetic design improvements have been made over earlier models, that enhance the furnace performance. A total of 12 models are available, including 6 single zone and 6 three zone. The 6 different heated lengths are 450 mm (18"), 600 mm (24"), 750 mm (30"), 900 mm (36"), 1050 mm (42") and 1200 mm (48"). Each furnace will accept process tubes up to 150 mm (6") diameter, and incorporate end vestibules designed with interchangeable tube adapters, to allow easy conversion to different diameter tubes. Heating is provided by semi-embedded free-radiating wire elements in vacuum formed insulation. The unique element/insulation electrical and mechanical design greatly increases the heating element life. An optional vertical mounting kit is offered to allow positioning the furnace in a vertical orientation. Precise temperature control is provided through the use of a built-in PID digital temperature controller, or optional programmable controls.

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