Carbolite's 1700 and 1800C Box Furnaces

Product Announcement from Carbolite Gero Limited

Carbolite's 1700 and 1800C Box Furnaces-Image

Carbolite's 1700ºC & 1800ºC bench mounted box furnaces are fitted with our 3216P1 Programmable Controller and Over Temperature Protection Controller. Each of the furnaces are constructed with the larger diameter Molybdenum Disilicide which provide much longer useable life and mechanical durability, when compared to smaller diameter elements used in most laboratory furnaces.

The heating element performance is enhanced when combined with Carbolite's efficient, lightweight ceramic fiber insulation assembly. Operator safety is emphasized through a vertical lift door that keeps the hot face away from the operator. The forced air convection between the inner furnace and outer shell provides a safe, low temperature furnace cabinet.

Precise temperature control and flexibility are provided through programmable temperature control. The independent, over-temperature protection control system provides positive protection of both the furnace and your load in the event of failure in the primary control circuit.

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