Carbolite's Ashing & Burn-Off Furnaces

Product Announcement from Carbolite

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Carbolite's Ashing furnaces include five different ashing and burn-off furnace models to choose from. Air inlets, located in front of chamber, are designed to facilitate natural convective air flow out of the chimney which is located at the rear of the furnace. Models are available with maximum operating temperature of 1100 C and 1200 C. The chamber air flow design provides oxygen to enhance ashing or burning process.

The AAF and GSM models incorporate traditional wire-wound muffle design, heating the chamber from four sides and providing good temperature uniformity.

Each model includes a large diameter chimney, providing for efficient process gas exhaust.

The Model GSM utilizes a quartz muffle to provide superior containment of aggressive atmospheres as well as a dust free working chamber.

The model AAF 11/7 is ideal for the "Standard test Method for Ash in The Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke from Coal" as defined in the ASTM Standard D 3174-00.

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