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Designed for the needs of high-volume Non-Destructive Testing customer, the INDUSTREX M43IC provides multiple processing cycles and dry-to-dry processing in as little as two minutes.

The INDUSTREX M43IC processor has a robust feature set that includes:

  • Up to nine programmable-controlled processing channels
    for maintaining preferred settings such as processing speed, developer
    temperature, fixer temperature, dryer temperature and replenishment rate
  • High processing capacity of up to 58 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the
    recommended processing cycle for improved productivity
  • An intermediate fix rinse bath rack system that enhance process uniformity
    to both sides of the film
  • Feed-tray cover that allows for room light operation
  • Filtered developer solutions that reduce film artifacts
  • Integrated chiller unit that maintains developer temperature uniformity in hot environments
  • Two 50-liter replenishment storage tanks
  • Low level monitoring of all tank solutions
  • Automatic tank solution “Top-Up“ control that maintains correct solution levels upon processor start up
  • Work-in-progress monitoring
  •  Integrated connectors to an external exhaust air system


Product Brochure

INDUSTREX M37 Plus Processor
The tabletop INDUSTREX M37 Plus is ideal for automatic processing in mid-volume facilities. While compact, it offers the output you need and the excellent image quality and reliability you demand.

The INDUSTREX M37 Plus processor feature set includes:

  • Ease of operation with nine programmable-controlled processing channels
  • Economical medium-range processor with capacity of 33 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the recommended processing cycle
  • Process films up to 43cm wide
  • Compact design for smaller labs or environments
  • Comes with a table stand as standard
  • Filtered developer solution that reduce film artifacts
  • Intermediate rinse rack bath system
  • Can be used in stand-alone darkroom or through-the-wall installations
  • Automatic film-in detection utilizing a pulsed infra-red sensor bar
  • Automatic chemicals replenishment system for developer and fixer
  • Automatic heating for developer and fixer
  • Automatic anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization cycles
  • Separate drainage for developer, fixer and wash chemicals


Providing outstanding quality and consistency
We offer a variety of film solutions to satisfy your non-destructive testing needs—suitable for any exposure method—with film processors that provide outstanding quality and consistency.

We also offer quality tools for detection and measurement of radiation exposure, designed to help you measure more accurately, monitor your process and add value to your images.

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Caresteam NDT Digital Training   
Learn how to convert from film to a fully digital Imaging environment for all your NDT work.  Courses meet the guideline of:

  • Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI)
  • Federal Working Group on Industrial Digital Radiography (FWGIDR)
  • Defense Working Group on Non-Destructive Testing (DWGNDT)
  • Qualifies for (10) points towards ASNT NDT Certification renewals

Carestream NDT is a worldwide provider of X-ray imaging systems and products for non-destructive testing (NDT) including: computed radiography (CR) systems, digital system plates and cassettes, digital image archiving, film, chemicals, processing equipment and accessories.

Our innovative solutions enable our customers' success and help create a safer life for people around the world through the inspection of critical components in the aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, mining and energy industries. With our award-winning products, Carestream remains at the forefront of technological advancements in imaging for NDT applications.

Exceeding our customers' expectations in the markets we serve worldwide is our highest priority, and our ability to adapt and partner with customers makes it easy to do business with us. Our customers are the beginning and the end of everything we do. We understand and fulfill their needs in ways that are meaningful to them to help them excel in today's competitive markets.

Carestream has the radiology and IT expertise to help NDT professionals improve global communication of critical and time-sensitive image sharing and review. We have global sales and service teams, strong product platforms, solid market positions and a trusted brand and we are committed to helping NDT professionals control costs while maximizing product investments.

With an employee base passionate about delivering high-quality solutions to our customers, a portfolio of market-leading products and the financial strength to invest in our future, we are poised to build on our past success and continue to innovate and grow. We are proud to be part of the Onex (TSX: OCX.TO) family of companies since 2007. Onex is one of Canada's largest and most respected corporations.

Industrial applications and safety inspection for quality-driven results


75 Years of Commitment (PDF)    
For 75 years Carestream NDT has been supporting key safety organizations around the world. Read about our history as well as the recently received ASME award for 75 years of commitment to this important industry.