Avionics RF Connectors

Product Announcement from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Connectors are critical in establishing and maintaining the link between electrical components. They must resist vibration, stand up to environmental variations in temperature and pressure, as well as repel moisture and hydraulic fluids. Poorly designed connectors can result in weak signals and intermittent failures which could render an avionics system inoperable.

Manufactured specifically for avionics applications, our connectors are specially designed to be rugged and durable while sealing out moisture and hydraulic fluids. They hold up to temperature and pressure variations, and are resistant to torsion forces, withstanding the punishment of avionics installations. Our connectors are designed and fabricated to meet MIL-C-39012, ARINC 600, ARINC 404, and other industry specifications.

Each Avionics RF Coaxial Cable assembly is tested on our network analyzers to maintain high quality and ensure reliability. Insertion Loss, Phase Matching, Time Delay and VSWR are measured to verify performance and to meet your exact assembly requirements.

To expedite the STC and PMA process, electrical profiles are documented and a certificate of compliance is included with each ship-set. Profiles are archived in our database to ensure repeatability. Individual, phase-matched cables can be remanufactured rather than replacing an entire ship-set, a key cost saving benefit.

Our Franklin, WI facility maintains a comprehensive inventory of RF and ARINC 600/404 connectors, backshells and other stock items necessary for fast turnaround.