High-speed Ethernet Cables

Product Announcement from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

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CarlisleIT's Gigabit Ethernet Cable Family (product bulletin)

CarlisleIT's Gigabit-10HP™, Gigabit-Plus™ and Gigabit-Flexx™ Ethernet cables meet the high-speed needs of aerospace, defense, military, ground transportation, industrial and RF communications applications. The three cable types also provide distinct, industry-leading performance, size and weight advantages.

  • Gigabit-10HP cables with Bonded-Pairs and X-Web ensure reliable 10 Gigabit performance up to 500 MHz at distances of up to 90m
  • Gigabit-Plus cables with X-Web provide exceptional 1000 Base-T performance up to 250 MHz at distances of up to 100m
  • Gigabit-Flexx cables are highly flexible with a bend radius of 0.75in (19.0mm) and provide 1000 Base-T performance up to 100 MHz at distances of up to 80m

Key Advantages of CarlisleIT's Gigabit Ethernet Cable:

  • The 10 Gb HP Bonded-Pair design provides installation-friendly, superior electrical performance; the Web-X design reduces crosstalk
  • Ideal for a range of high-speed Ethernet applications
  • Small size and light weight
  • Extremely durable
  • Exceptional electrical and mechanical performance characteristics

CIT's Gigabit Ethernet cables are RoHS compliant. They also meet the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853 and the smoke and toxicity requirements of Boeing and Airbus ABD0031.

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