MIL-SPEC Coaxial Cables

Product Announcement from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

MIL-SPEC Coaxial Cables-Image

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies coaxial cable is a transmission line in which one conductor is centered inside and insulated from an outer flexible metal braid that serves as the second outer conductor. The basic dielectric material for coaxial cables supplied by CarlisleIT is PTFE because of its electrical and mechanical performance. Some attractive properties of PTFE are extremely low loss, high dielectric strength, no measurable water absorption, and electrical efficiency at both high and low temperatures.

Product Details:

  • AS22759
  • NEMA HP-3 and HP-4
  • MIL-DTL-81381, MIL-W81822, MIL-DTL-17
  • WC27500