Vibrating Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

Product Announcement from Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Vibrating Fluid Bed Sand Coolers -Image

Carrier vibrating fluid bed sand coolers are designed to cool hot return sand to temperature and moisture levels ideal for mulling.

Three-Stage System 

1. Water Addition
2. Mixing
3. Cooling in Fluid Bed

  • Evaporative cooling process provides maximum thermal efficiency.
  •  Fluidization with vibration mixes and turns the sand bed, eliminating hot spots.
  •  Because the sand moisture is evaporated while cooling, the cool sand is consistent in temperature and moisture.
  •  Air volume controls regulate and maintain supply and exhaust air volumes at a constant pre-set level to prevent fines entrainment and sand weepage.
  •  Continuous plenum discharge incorporates a double seal to discharge weepage sand if loss of supply air should occur.
  •  Special hood design minimizes dusting and produces more uniform exhaust velocities.
  •  Consistent return sand temperature and moisture content.
  •  Minimal maintenance - there are no moving parts in contact with the sand.

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