Tornesh Dryer

Product Announcement from Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Tornesh Dryer-Image

The Tornesh dryer is an innovative drying device combining many of the benefits of fluid bed and flash drying. The unit can process wet solids ranging in size from 1 micron up to 1/2 inch diameter.

  • Direct-type dryer capable of drying wet solids for multiple industries including food, dairy, pharmaceutical, grains, solid chemicals, minerals and ores.
  • Materials to be dried fall to the bottom plenum of the unit and begin to swirl in a cyclonic pattern like a tornado. As moisture is removed from the product, it becomes lighter and eventually is entrained in the upward hot gas stream.
  • Unit can be used as a primary dryer or pre-dryer in a multi-stage system.
  • Provides much longer retention time than a Flash dryer allowing for lower discharge moisture.
  • No internal moving parts - easy to clean and maintain. Adjustable retention time for precise process control.
  • Process gas can be recirculated to reduce emissions, save energy, or recover vapors.
  • Complete system flexibility.
  • Less floor space requirements and ease of installation.
  • Furnished through a license agreement with NARA Machinery Company, Ltd., Japan - a world-class leader in Fluidized Bed technology.

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