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Hot and cold mirrors are special cases of short and long wave pass filters, respectively. Typical hot mirror reflects wavelengths longer than 700 nm up to 1100 nm and transmits spectrum below 600 nm. In this case 650 nm is usually selected as a half-maximum T point, cut-on point is 600 nm, and 700 nm is cut-off point. Depending on applications other half, cut-on, and cut-off point wavelengths can be selected, and hot mirror can be designed to operate at any angular cone. Hot mirror used as the cover of the dental illumination system has cut-off point ~ 600 nm (see next plot), thus, providing bluish colored illumination.

All Cascade Optical Corporation's Dielectric coatings pass MIL-C-48497 and can be made to pass even the severe abrasion requirements of MIL-C-675. We have on site trained Lab Technicians and our own fully functional internal test Lab department to verify each and every subsection of the above requirements.